Carolina Connecter Intermodal Rail Terminal (CCX)

Nash & Edgecomb Counties

Rocky Mount, North Carolina has been selected as the new home of a major rail transportation hub, and many local landowners could be facing Land Condemnation.

This rail hub, called the Carolina Connecter terminal or CCX, will connect national rail lines from across the southeastern U.S. in a new 700 acre facility. The Carolina Connector terminal will cost approximately $272 million in order to complete, and construction could impact as many as 20 parcels of land in Nash and Edgecomb Counties.

The developers of this project are the state of North Carolina and the CSX Corporation. The developers have proposed the following timeline for this project:

  • 2016 – 2017: Preliminary engineering and design phase
  • Mid – 2018: Complete permitting process and begin construction
  • 2020: Complete construction; begin terminal operations
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Many local landowners could be facing Land Condemnation as a result of construction on the CCX rail terminal. Before you agree to sell you land to a developer or make any type of deal regarding your property, contact the experienced North Carolina Land Condemnation attorneys at Henson Fuerst.

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