I-85 & U.S. 321 Interchange Improvement

Gaston County

The NCDOT will be making significant changes to the I-85/US 321 interchange in Gastonia. This intersection was referred to by the Gaston Gazette as the “busiest intersection in Gastonia.”

This project, known as I-5000, will focus on improving safety and reducing congestion at I-85 and U.S. 321 near Rankin Lane Road and Tulip Ave. New ramps will be constructed at this interchange in order to reduce traffic at this busy intersection.

It is estimated that the I-85/US 321 Interchange Improvement Project will cost more than $22 million by the time it is completed in 2018. This project is expected to impact ten parcels of land and NC DOT has set aside $7.3 million for ROW takings.

Click here to view a detailed map of this project

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