N.C.119 Relocation Project

Project #U-3109
Type: Relocation
Affected County: Alamance

The U-3109 N.C. 119 Relocation project is currently in development in Alamance county. Right of way acquisition for Section A began in 2015 and right of way acquisition for Section B is expected to begin in 2020.

Section A begins at the I-85/40 and N.C. 119 interchange and follows the existing road alignment for about 0.36 miles. The route then turns northward onto a new location, passing to the west of the West End community and over the North Carolina Railroad tracks and U.S. 70 (West Center Street). The alternative then turns northwest around Craftique Furniture and ends east of Woodlawn Road.

Section B is the final phase of the project and is currently underway. It begins just east of Woodlawn Road and continues east before heading northeast and passing through a corner of the historic Cates Farm property as well as through the critical watershed boundary area of the Graham-Mebane Reservoir. The road ties back into existing N.C. 119 near Mrs. White Lane. Section B of the project is expected to cost $7.4 million for right of way, and $24 million for construction.

Construction of U-3109  is estimated to cost a total of $126 million.

Project Map:

NC 119 Relocation Project

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