What does a Right of Way Agent do?

January 16th, 2017

If the government wants to take your land for a public project, eventually, you will talk to the right of way agents. That person will make a conversation and ask you a few questions.

What should you say to them? The short answer is nothing. Say absolutely nothing. The longer answer is that right of way agent works for the group that is getting ready to take your land through an eminent domain or land condemnation action. This could be the state, the town, the county, or even a private contractor hired by the government.

The job of the right of way agent is to handle the case against you, coordinate getting their appraisal done by their appraisers, and then negotiate the value of your land. They are not on your side and are not there to pay you what is fair or reasonable. They are working against you to take your land for the lowest possible price.

The less they pay you, the better they look in the eyes of their employer. It’s important that you know that right of way agents keep written logs of all the conversations they have with you in what is called a negotiation diary.

If your case ends up in court, you can count on any statements you made to the right of way agent coming up and being used against you, even if what you said is being taken out of context or was incorrectly written down. That’s why our advice is to say nothing. If they come on to your land, then listen to what they have to say but don’t ask questions and don’t give them any information. Just be a sponge and absorb everything they tell you.

If the right of way agent asks you a question, simply respond, “You’ll have to talk with my lawyer about that,” then call your lawyer to find out what should be done to protect your legal interest and investment in your property.

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