N.C. 211 Road Widening

Project #R-5021
Type: Road Widening
Affected County: Brunswick

The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) project R-5021 involves widening a large section of NC-211 in Brunswick County to create a four-lane divided highway. The road widening will take place along NC-211 between Midway Road (SR 1500) and NC-87, a stretch of highway totaling 6.6 miles. A future interchange at Midway Road is also being proposed, which could involve an additional right of way process.

In 2012, the city of Southport requested that the construction of an additional access road be added to the current R-5021 scope of work. The proposed project could serve to improve access to the city and alleviate traffic at a major intersection outside of Southport where NC-211, NC-87 and Jabbertown Road converge. This access road could also serve to eliminate the large volume of tractor trailers on Jabbertown Road, a mainly residential roadway.

 Click here to view detailed maps of this project

Construction for this project is currently scheduled to begin in 2018. The Right of Way process, estimated to cost over $10 million, has already begun.

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