Are You Keeping Up With The Asheville River Arts Transportation Project And Landowner Rights?

The Asheville River Arts Transportation Project will now continue, after The City Council voted to adjust plans and cut parts of the project. This news comes after high bid offers received in May from contractors.  These high bids caused the city to cut back on the scope of the project reducing it significantly.

With the decreased budget, several proposed plans are being cut. These include:

  • Three Greenways:
    1. French Broad River Greenway West Bank
    2. Town Beach Greenway
    3. Bacoate Greenway
  • The Livingston “complete streets” project
  • Protected bike lanes and sidewalk paralleling Lyman Street
  • A “AAA” sidewalk improvement near Hill Street
  • A bicycle crossing of Riverside Drive railroad tracks

The newly adjusted project will cost $54 million and will include:

  • French Broad River Greenway East Bank
  • Botanical gardens with experimental water quality demonstration
  • Boat Ramp
  • 1,648 trees
  • Community plaza with children’s play sculpture
  • Road realignments
  • Parking
  • Sidewalks north of Lyman
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Two roundabouts – one at Riverside and Lyman and another at the five-way intersection that includes Clingman, Lyman, Roberts and Depot

Due to the federally backed projects, the plan must begin August 1st and be completed by 2020.

Read the full article here.

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