Why Henson Fuerst

We’re Not Your Average North Carolina Land Condemnation Lawyers. Here’s Why.

At Henson Fuerst, we know the ins and outs of land condemnation law – but we don’t stop there. Our hands-on, personalized approach to each of our clients' cases is what makes us different. We take our time to get to know the unique intricacies of your case for the best possible outcome. In addition, we work as a team to combine our skills and insights to become a fighting force against various government entities. This is displayed by our proven track record of results for our clients. If you're facing land condemnation, here are five reasons why you should consider hiring our team to handle your case:

  1. We are selective with the cases we choose to take on. We represent businesses, corporations, partnerships, families, and individuals in significant damage condemnation cases. These cases require considerable time and resources, so we intentionally limit our caseload to actively working only a select number of cases at a time. We value quality over quantity and leave the more minor cases to our volume practice competitors.
  1. We attend all appraisal inspections. Department appraisers are the state’s experts and those who will be testifying against you in your case. We do not believe in compromising our clients’ protection in these meetings, which is why we will attend all of them with you.
  1. You deal directly with us and can reach us on our personal cellphone numbers. While we have a large support system of paralegals and legal assistants behind us at our firm, you can reach our attorneys anytime on their personal mobile phone numbers.
  1. We manage all cases with a team-based approach. In many law firms, attorneys are on their own in case management. This outdated and inefficient model does not benefit any parties involved. Instead, at Henson Fuerst, all cases are worked jointly by our team of condemnation lawyers. We strongly believe that combining our knowledge results in better outcomes for our clients.
  1. Our firm has handled complex legal cases for over 45 years with a proven track record of success. Given that most of our business is generated through client referrals and word of mouth for repeat clients, providing property owners with the highest quality representation is not something we take lightly. We take tremendous pride in our reputation of bringing complex cases to justice, and we plan to be here for another 45+ years as a firm.

Some of our competing firms have a large number of lawyers handling hundreds and hundreds of cases at once. Although we know and respect those lawyers, we are steadfast in what separates us from the pack. So, instead, our chosen path is to operate a boutique condemnation practice that focuses on a select number of clients who receive the highest level of client service and attention that we can provide. Our commitment to this approach shines through in our results

Eminent Domain Attorneys Who Rise Above The Competition

When you're facing land condemnation under eminent domain, it may feel like your world is being turned upside down. This is when our experienced eminent domain attorneys are here to help. If you have a case, don’t hesitate to contact us by submitting a contact form on our website or calling our office toll-free at 919-781-1107 for a free legal consultation today. At Henson Fuerst, we will put you first.

Commitment to Your Legal Needs Beyond Land Condemnation

At Henson Fuerst, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients faced with land condemnation and eminent domain – but it does not stop there. We also offer legal guidance and steadfast representation for personal injury matters, including:

For a complete list of the types of cases our firm handles, visit our personal injury website at www.hensonfuerst.com

If you or a loved one has been injured, we are here to help you. Contact us today by submitting a form online or calling our office toll-free at 919-781-1107 to speak with one of our personal injury attorneys.