What to Bring to Your Meeting With a Land Condemnation Attorney

When you meet with an attorney to review your land condemnation case, it’s important to be prepared and know what to bring. You should bring any and all documentation related to the ownership, maintenance, and value of your commercial property, farm, business, church, or home. Not only will this help provide your attorney with a more informed preliminary opinion about your claim, but it will also help the attorneys and paralegals assigned to your case to work more quickly and efficiently. 

3 Types of Documents to Bring to Your Land Condemnation Attorney

The three types of documents that serve as significant evidence for your North Carolina land condemnation claim include:

  1. Property Ownership and Corporate Documents

These documents serve as evidence of purchases, transfers, and authority to act. Some examples include:

    • Deeds of trust
    • Purchase offers
    • Sale contracts
    • Mortgage agreements
    • Deeds
    • Wills that document the transfer of property
    • Corporate Documents
    • Plats or surveys of your property
  1. Property Valuation Documents

Evidence showing any repairs or improvements you’ve made can help an attorney identify the actual value of your property. These can include:

    • Photos of your property and structures on your property
    • Before and after photos of any repairs you’ve made
    • Bills for repairs or renovations
    • Building contracts
    • Prior appraisals of your property
    • Agreements with tenants or other lessees
  1. Condemnation Documents

Any documentation related to the condemnation of your land is vital to your case, including court papers and correspondence received from:

    • The entity taking your land
    • Right of way agents
    • Contractors involved with the condemnation project

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