Challenging Eminent Domain in North Carolina

When the government contacts you about seizing (or condemning) your property under the power of eminent domain, you may be left wondering what to do. As a property owner in North Carolina, you reserve the right to contest condemnation of your property through eminent domain if it was not conducted properly or in good faith.…

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North Carolina Sees Construction Project Delays Statewide

Now that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is in effect, many North Carolinians anticipated that construction projects would resume across the state. However, that may no longer be the case as project contractors face staffing shortages and supply chain issues. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) reports that there will be significant delays before a number of…

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NCDOT Plans For New US-1 Freeway May Compromise Many Private Properties

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is seeking public input on its plan to convert Capital Boulevard into a 10-mile controlled-access highway up to 8 lanes wide between I-540 in Raleigh and Purnell/Harris roads in Wake Forest. While NCDOT intends to decongest traffic and reduce long and unpredictable commute times, unfortunately, the project requires…

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What Federal Infrastructure Bill Means For Property Owners in North Carolina

This month, President Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan into law, allocating billions of government dollars to bridge replacement, public transportation, electric vehicles, broadband internet, and the nation’s highway programs. This significant, bipartisan government package is known officially as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. North Carolina can expect to see around $9 billion…

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NCDOT “Billions Short” For Future Projects After Refigured Costs

A state audit and reworked cost estimates revealed that NCDOT was planning projects that were billions of dollars more than it could afford. Consequently, current and future projects are expected to either be put on hold or stop altogether. Though it is normal for cost estimates and projects to be reevaluated periodically, this instance is…

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NCDOT Still At Risk of Overspending Despite Higher Funds

The NC Department of Transportation is not out of the woods just yet in its ongoing financial crisis. After a recent state audit of NCDOT, its findings showed that despite the DOT’s skyrocketing financial status since 2020, the department is still expected to exceed its budget. Furthermore, the audit determined that if there are no…

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Senate Approves $1.2T Infrastructure Bill: What It Means For North Carolina Roadways, Bridges, and More

The Senate approved a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan on August 10th, 2021, with a rare coalition of Democrats and Republicans joining in overcoming skeptics and delivering a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s agenda. The 69-30 tally provides momentum for this first phase of Biden’s “Build Back Better” priorities, now headed to the House. A…

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NC House Of Representatives Approves HB 271 To Limit Eminent Domain And Strengthen Property Owner Protections

State and local governments around the country have a long history of exploiting their power to help well-connected industrialists and real estate developers at the expense of the general public.  On Tuesday, March 23rd, House Bill 271 was approved by the House Committee on Judiciary 1. It would allow North Carolinians to vote on whether…

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Archeologists Discover 10,000 Year-Old Artifacts While Clearing Land for I-540 Project

Before the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) began clearing land for the final portion of the Triangle Expressway, its archeology unit searched for campsites used by North Carolina’s earliest settlers. Anytime NCDOT proposes a large construction project, federal law requires documenting of historic or prehistoric sites in the construction corridor. As a result of…

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The Current Status of NCDOT’s Financial Situation

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) recent financial troubles could follow the department for years to come. The department managed to slowly build up its reserves as 2020 progressed. However, its current monetary problems will likely have a lasting impact on projects’ funding in the future. The NCDOT Financial Hole Will Take Over A Decade…

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