Impact of US-1 Construction Delays on NC Commuters

Capital Boulevard, or US-1, is a crucial corridor for Raleigh and Wake County commuters. However, the limited lanes, traffic lights, driveways, and reduced speed limits lend themselves to congested stop-and-go traffic any time of day – especially rush hour. In 2021, NCDOT proposed a solution.

Plans to shorten North Carolina commutes by turning the boulevard into a six-lane freeway, eliminating traffic lights and driveways, and raising the speed limit have been underway by NCDOT for two years. The project, STIP number U-5307, has been long-awaited yet heavily delayed due to increasing land and construction costs. 

NCDOT to Begin One Leg of Capital Boulevard Freeway

Despite delays, NCDOT has reached enough funding to begin one leg of the project, between I-540 and Durant and Perry Creek roads, starting in 2025. It would eliminate the intersection with Gresham Lake Road and turn the Durant and Perry Creek Road intersection into an interchange.

Eminent Domain Attorneys Who Are On Your Side

While this ongoing construction project will benefit many commuters, it could be detrimental to property owners in its path. Unfortunately, NCDOT may reserve the legal right to seize your commercial property as part of the Capital Boulevard Freeway through land condemnation. In that case, you need a reputable land condemnation attorney to protect and defend your rights.

Time is of the essence; if you believe your property could be at risk during the construction of the Capital Boulevard Freeway, contact us today by submitting a form below or call our office at 919-781-1107 for a free consultation.