Free Appraisal Review

Let Experienced Professionals Review Any Offer on Your Land

If you have recently received an appraisal offer from the NCDOT, county, municipality, utility company, or other condemning authority, Henson Fuerst Attorneys will review it for you at NO CHARGE. With no obligation and no fee, you will receive advice and an opinion from lawyers who dedicate their time to representing landowners.

Every year; Our experienced land condemnation, eminent domain, and property rights lawyers review hundreds of appraisals for our clients. We know how government appraisers lower values, shortchange landowners on damages, and provide less-than-just compensation for property taken. If you have recently received an appraisal, let us discuss the approach taken, potential flaws of logic, and any attempt to minimize the value of your property.

Our Methods

We closely follow valuation trends on condemnation projects. We examine the appraisers who work exclusively for the government—and the inconsistencies in valuation that occur between nearby properties or from one project to the next. Property owners don’t realize some appraisers work EXCLUSIVELY for state or local agencies—which frequently translates into a biased or unfair compensation offer.

A recent study by the North Carolina legislature showed property owners who did NOT accept NCDOT’s condemnation deposit ended up getting an average 85% or more for their property than those who did. An experienced land condemnation, eminent domain, and property rights on your side can help maximize the compensation you receive for your property.

Henson Fuerst always recommend consultation and retention in a land condemnation, eminent domain, or property rights case as early as possible—ideally before any communications with right-of-way agents or appraisers. Even if your case is beyond that point, we welcome the chance to review your appraisal. Call Henson Fuerst at 866-821-3146 for your free appraisal review.