Can You Refuse Eminent Domain in North Carolina?

In most cases, refusing eminent domain is not an option – but it is still possible. Since eminent domain is the legal right of state and federal government entities to seize private property for public use, such a process is very complicated to navigate alone. 

With the guidance of an eminent domain and land condemnation attorney, you may be able to prove that the reason for the taking is invalid. Here is what you need to know about refusing eminent domain in North Carolina.

Know Your Rights as a Property Owner

One of the most critical steps you can take as a property owner is educating yourself about your rights and role in the eminent domain acquisition process. Specifically, it is helpful to understand the lawful reasons a government entity can seize your property. Knowledge is power, especially when up against the U.S. government.

For an eminent domain case to be valid, these two conditions must be met:

  1. The taking will be for “public use”
  2. Just compensation is offered for the property

These rights are ultimately the basis of every eminent domain case to ensure that the property owner is fairly treated and justly compensated. If you suspect the government is not following through with its responsibilities and violating your rights, you may be able to challenge the condemnation of your property. An eminent domain attorney from Henson Fuerst can assist you in doing so. 

Hire an Eminent Domain Attorney

The eminent domain attorneys at Henson Fuerst are committed to protecting our clients’ rights throughout the land condemnation process. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to refuse condemnation of your property, your attorney will thoroughly evaluate your case and provide crucial representation to ensure all necessary conditions are met, and you are appropriately compensated. 

The eminent domain process can disorient any property owner and leave them with many questions. Fortunately, the eminent domain attorneys at Henson Fuerst are here to listen and address any questions you have. 

Eminent Domain and Land Condemnation Lawyers Serving North Carolina Property Owners

Commercial land condemnation is not an ordinary case and requires experienced legal counsel with a strong reputation. Our eminent domain attorneys are selective with the cases we take to ensure that each client gets the attention they deserve. As a result, we have won millions of dollars in just compensation for our clients, and we are not stopping there.

If you are facing condemnation through eminent domain, you must act quickly to keep your property or earn maximum compensation for its taking. Contact the reputable eminent domain attorneys at Henson Fuerst by filling out and submitting a contact form below or calling our office toll-free at 919-781-1107 for a free case evaluation today.