Raleigh’s Outer Loop Nears Completion; Final Leg Construction Begins as Early as Next Year

In a significant development for the Raleigh metropolitan area, the construction of the final leg of the Outer Loop, known as N.C. 540 or the Triangle Expressway, is set to begin as early as next year. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the North Carolina Turnpike Authority have recently awarded the first of two construction contracts for this project, bringing Raleigh closer to a comprehensive highway network. 

Substantial Progress Made in Triangle Expressway Construction

The Triangle Expressway, a six-lane toll road, will link Interstate 40 and Interstate 87, creating a crucial connection that spans Research Triangle Park, southern Wake County, and Knightdale. This infrastructure development will also connect N.C. 540 with Interstate 540, effectively completing the Outer Loop, enhancing regional connectivity, and alleviating traffic congestion.

The project’s history dates back to 2019 when work commenced on an 18-mile segment of N.C. 540 across southern Wake County. This section, expected to open next year, will extend the expressway from N.C. 55 in Apex to a massive interchange with I-40 and U.S. 70 near the Johnston County line, marking a significant milestone in the Triangle Expressway’s construction.

Final Leg of Outer Loop Divided into Two Projects

The final leg of the Outer Loop, spanning 10 miles, is divided into two projects. The first contract, awarded to a joint venture of Flatiron and the Fred Smith Company, is valued at $450 million and involves constructing six miles of road from south of Rock Quarry Road to I-87. The second contract, covering the remaining four miles, is anticipated to cost approximately $350 million.

What makes this development particularly noteworthy is the acceleration of the project timeline. Just a few years ago, NCDOT projected that work on the final leg wouldn’t commence until 2029. However, the Turnpike Authority’s successful acquisition of a single environmental permit for the road from Apex to Knightdale has enabled the state to initiate utility work, such as relocating a Duke Energy power line and a Federal Aviation Administration tower. This proactive pre-construction work, combined with robust local support and expected toll revenues, has propelled the project up NCDOT’s list of priorities.

Upon completion, the Triangle Expressway will enhance transportation options and drive economic growth in the region. It will facilitate smoother commutes for residents, boost business connectivity, and potentially attract new investments. In addition, the toll revenue generated by the expressway will help fund its maintenance and expansion, ensuring its sustainability for years to come.

Land Condemnation Lawyers Representing Property Owners Impacted by N.C. 540 Project 

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