Attorney Anne Duvoisin Publishes Article on Land Condemnation for the American Bar Association

Henson Fuerst Land Condemnation partner Anne Duvoisin had a recent article published by the American Bar Association for her coverage of the Sabal Pipeline litigation in Florida.

Sabal Trail Transmission project is a natural gas pipeline that would cover over 33 miles of land from southwestern Alabama through Georgia and Florida. While this case involves litigation that is occurring out of state, the matter is of relevance to land owners in North Carolina for several reasons.

First, the land conditions being discussed in this case are very similar to the typically shallow water table in many parts of North Carolina. In addition, pipelines like the Sabal Trail Transmission often utilize a horizontal drilling technique, similar to what is used in fracking.

Attorney Anne Duvoisin sums up the arguments in this case in the following passage:

“The project is controversial in part because it cuts through the Florida aquifer, and it is thought by some to endanger the water supply, be vulnerable to sinkholes in the Karst geological regions of Florida, and to endanger Florida’s wetlands. Supporters assert that the project is beneficial to Floridians because of the state’s increasing dependence on natural gas, and because it will stimulate local economies with both temporary and permanent job creation.”

You can read Attorney Anne Duvoisin’s entire article here.

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