Attorney David Henson Wins Zoning Variance Case in Randolph County

Land and property owners can face many difficult and unique situations from time to time. Situations involving property rights, land commendation, zoning variances and premises liability can be very complicated and stressful.

Henson Fuerst Land Condemnation Attorney David Henson recently won a hearing before the Randolph County Commissioners. In this case, David successfully argued for a zoning variance request on behalf of a property owner near Asheboro, North Carolina.

Attorney Henson’s client, a local business owner, was required to request permission from the county commissioners in order to move a piece of equipment to a new location on his property. Henson argued that his client was within his rights to move the equipment and make other minor modifications to his property. The commissioners voted to approve the requested changes by Attorney Henson’s client.

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In addition to handling eminent domain and land condemnation matters, Henson Fuerst Attorneys also handle zoning change and variance requests for landowners across the state of North Carolina.

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