Can I Assume the Government Will Treat Me Fairly Under the Eminent Domain Rules?

No.  The government is no different from any other real estate buyer, wanting to obtain property as cheap as possible.  The difference in eminent domain is that the government is taking the land from you involuntarily.  While the law requires the government or condemning agency to pay you “just compensation” we find in the majority of cases that the offers made by the government fail to be fair to property owners.  We regularly see government appraisals that severely undervalue properties anywhere from 20-100% or more!

At Henson Fuerst, most of our condemnation cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. In those cases where a contingency fee is not applicable or advisable, we may also represent landowners on an hourly basis. One of our experienced North Carolina Land Owners’ Rights lawyers can meet with you to determine what is the best alternative for you.

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