Continuing Drama with the Hampstead Bypass in NC

The NC DOT continues to hold land owners in limbo and we’re as upset about this as you are.

The Transportation Corridor Official Map for the Hampstead Bypass was filed in 2011, and land owners have been stuck ever since.  The NC Supreme Court (in the case of Kirby v. NCDOT) is currently deliberating the final outcome for landowners in Forsyth County. The decision is expected to affect land owners in Hampstead similarly.

Currently, Henson Fuerst Attorneys has filed suit on behalf of more than two dozen landowners in Pender and New Hanover Counties, and is in the process of filing additional suits.  If you are a land owner affected by the possible new roadway, contact us today to learn more about your legal rights. We’re available by phone at (919) 781-1107, or visit our website at nclandlawyer.com.

Learn more about the ongoing issue in this article from Star News Online: