Continuous Flow Intersection Opened in Charlotte

The North Carolina Department of Transportation opened its first “continuous flow” intersection in Charlotte last week.  This new design is intended to improve traffic flow and increase the efficiency of intersections by separating left turn traffic from the primary flow lanes.   They are also referred to as a ‘displaced left-turn intersection’.  The first such intersection is located NC 16 and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road in west Charlotte and cost $7.2 million to design and construct.     

As NC continues to experience ever-growing vehicular traffic and population increases, NC residents should expect more of these spaghetti noodle design intersections in the future.  Additional similar designs are already being considered in the Triangle area.

We Can Help

If your property is being taken for the development of a continuous flow intersection, the eminent domain and land condemnation lawyers at Henson Fuerst can help.

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