Delays to Hampstead Bypass, R-3300

As a part of the financial mismanagement and implosion of the NCDOT, the DOT has announced the suspension of projects across the state of North Carolina.  One such affected project, the Hampstead Bypass R-3300, has been underway for months now but the acquisition of right of way for the project has come to a screeching halt.  As reported in a previous blog post, the NCDOT has recently started withdrawing all offers and attempting to back out of many pending settlements, including the Hampstead Bypass. NCDOT makes no representations as to when acquisitions will resume, however, the agency has approved continuing work for preliminary engineering on the project, as reported by the Wilmington Biz.

At present, the DOT has already acquired property to dozens of properties in Pender County along NC 210, US 17, Hoover Road and other affected areas.  Dozens of additional properties remain that the DOT must acquire for construction to begin. 

Despite this suspension of the project, all property owners who have pending Map Act litigation claims, will continue to have their cases move forward in the legal system.  The eminent domain and land condemnation attorneys of Henson Fuerst have filed Map Act lawsuits for more than forty property owners affected by the Hampstead Bypass and constitutionally problematic Transportation Corridor Official Maps.  Property owners who have not yet filed Map Act claims, can learn more about their legal rights at here.