Eastern North Carolina Officials Seek Immediate Approval for U.S. 264 Interstate Highway Plan

North Carolina lawmakers are pushing hard to secure an official interstate highway designation for U.S. Highway 264. The goal of these state officials is to have current U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx approve this designation before he leaves his current position at the White House in January of 2017.

If the future interstate highway designation for U.S. 264 is approved, it would help secure funding for future transportation improvements in Eastern North Carolina. U.S. 264 runs east of Raleigh from Greenville to Zebulon. Currently, Greenville is the largest city in the state without a designated interstate highway.

State officials want to improve the thoroughfare over the course of the next 25 years to better connect Greenville to the surrounding areas. Securing a future interstate designation from the federal government is an important first step.

Click here to read more about the future development plans for U.S. Highway 264.

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