Henson Fuerst Attorneys Present at NCAJ 2023 Land Condemnation Seminar

Eminent Domain attorneys David Henson and Chris Beacham were presenters at the 2023 Land Condemnation Seminar, hosted by North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ). They presented on the topic of “The Nature And Extent Of The Interest Taken In PUE’s And The 108 Hearing: What Can You Do?”

This continuing legal education presentation educated other eminent domain practitioners across the state on two major wins that we have had in recent months in challenging the overly broad language used by the NCDOT in permanent utility easements. With this information, other practitioners will be armed with the legal tools necessary to hold the DOT and utility companies financially responsible for the full property rights being taken by PUE’s.

Attorneys Chris Beacham and David Henson are fierce advocates that the current taking language being utilized by the NCDOT read in conjunction with NCGS 136-18 and 136-18.3A is far beyond what most practitioners and their clients believe to be true.

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