Henson Fuerst Fighting for Tax Rate Reductions in Pender County

As a part of the Map Act (which allows the NC DOT to take a person’s property “just in case” they want to build a road there in a year or two or twenty), under North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S.) 105-277.9 and 105-277.9A, property owners are supposed to get an automatic tax rate reduction of 50% for land that has improvements on it, and 80% for land that does not have improvements on it.  The official Transportation Corridor Official Maps were filed in Pender and New Hanover counties in November 2011, and residents whose property was listed in those corridors were supposed to get a tax reduction. However, Pender County failed to credit land owners with the proper tax reduction. Henson Fuerst Attorneys has filed tax appeals on behalf of dozens of land owners who are affected by the future Hampstead Bypass.

The problem was recently highlighted in an article on Star News Online, including a very pithy quote by our own David Henson:

Henson Fuerst represents land owners affected by the Map Act across North Carolina and hundreds of families are affected by this unfair law. The topic is currently being considered by the NC Supreme Court, and a favorable ruling could set land owners free from this abusive law. (See our blog: NC Supreme Court to Rule on Unfair Property Taking)

If your home or land has been made unusable or unsellable because it has been listed in a Transportation Corridor, call Henson Fuerst Attorneys today for a free consultation about how we can help. Our experienced land lawyers are available at (919) 781-1107, or visit our website at, to schedule a free consultation. 

To learn more about the Map Act, we have a YouTube video hosted by David Henson:

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