If My Business is Negatively Impacted by the Government’s Eminent Domain Acquisitions Can I be Compensated?

Yes, and no. Eminent domain typically only deals with the taking of real property- which includes land, buildings, permanent structures and improvements, and the access thereto.  The law typically does not compensate businesses directly for lost profits, revenues or interruptions of operations.  There are exceptions to this, however, so an experienced eminent domain land condemnation lawyer from Henson Fuerst can analyze your specific situation for a more complete answer.  In addition to condemnation damages, there may also be relocation benefits that the business is entitled to.

At Henson Fuerst, most of our condemnation cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. In those cases where a contingency fee is not applicable or advisable, we may also represent landowners on an hourly basis. One of our experienced North Carolina Land Owners’ Rights lawyers can meet with you to determine what is the best alternative for you.

We’ll answer all of your questions about property owners’ rights, and help you determine the most positive course of action based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation. Call Henson Fuerst land condemnation lawyers at 919-781-1107.  We’re Here For You.