Important Factors to Consider in Seeking Eminent Domain Representation

Representation is key when dealing with a land condemnation case – but the right representation is crucial. When interviewing a potential attorney for representation, here are some of the questions we recommend you ask, along with our answers in advance:

  1. What type of experience and results do your attorneys have? Our firm has been in business since 1976 – more than 45 years. Firm Partner David Henson has practiced for more than 23 years, is a Past President of the prestigious North Carolina Advocates for Justice, has represented and litigated hundreds of condemnation cases across the state. Practice Partner Anne Duvoisin has practiced for more than 43 years, has been North Carolina Advocates for Justice Eminent Domain Section Chair, and has tried hundreds of cases across the state. Practice Partner Chris Beacham has practiced law for more than 15 years, previously worked for the State as an Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Transportation, and has handled and tried condemnation cases throughout North Carolina.
  2. Who will actually be representing me? David Henson, Chris Beacham, and Anne Duvoisin work as a team. We believe three heads are better than one on large value property cases.
  3. What is my lawyer’s current caseload? We intentionally restrict our caseload to a small number of commercial and large value cases. We are not a mill that works hundreds of cases at a time.
  4. How willing are you to meet with me at the property? We personally inspect every property and meet with all clients on site. We get to know our clients there and learn about their areas of concern.
  5. Does my attorney attend all appraisal inspections and expert visits with me? Absolutely. We believe it is borderline malpractice for an attorney to allow a state appraiser (their expert) to meet with a client alone.
  6. Will my attorney attend all pre-acquisition meetings with the DOT or condemning authority? Yes — we do this regularly and believe this is an effective tool to minimize the effects of projects on our clients.
  7. What kind of access will I have to my lawyer? Do I have to go through call centers and layers of staff? As our client, you will have our personal cell phone numbers to reach us directly. We believe that providing our clients with personal attention and accessibility yields the best relationships and outcomes.
  8. What other kinds of cases do you handle in addition to condemnation and eminent domain? All we do is condemnation and eminent domain. So if you need help with a speeding ticket, divorce, personal injury case, or anything else, we will be happy to connect you with someone else in our firm or network. We are confident that we achieve the best results when we solely focus our efforts on one area of the law.

The Right Choice For Your North Carolina Land Condemnation Case

In selecting an attorney for representation in an eminent domain case, it is to be expected that you will have many questions. At Henson Fuerst, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact our eminent domain lawyers by calling 919-781-1107 or submitting a contact form on our website.