NC Department of Transportation Proposes Major Construction Project on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh

A five-mile stretch of U.S. 70 between Raleigh and Durham could be the site of a major North Carolina Department of Transpiration (NCDOT) construction project in the near future. The NCDOT has proposed converting five miles of Glenwood Avenue from a highway into a freeway.

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Glenwood Avenue is a major corridor that runs through the City of Raleigh, but it is also a very important connector between Raleigh and Durham. This proposed conversion into a freeway would significantly improve traffic flow between the two cities, but would have major impacts on local landowners.

We expect that some landowners could be affected by “partial takings” as opposed to “complete takings.”

For a full explanation of “partial” vs. “complete” taking, watch our informational video on this topic below:

Each parcel of land must be evaluated individually to determine the correct determination of taking. In the coming days, local residents in this area may notice surveyors from the NCDOT coming to take measurements and plant markers around Glenwood Avenue.

The proposed changes could have a major impact on businesses in the area as well. Some business owners with shops along this stretch of Glenwood Avenue worry that turning this section of U.S. 70 into a freeway could be harmful to their business.

Given DOT’s suggestion that service roads will likely be utilized, this always raises the legal question of “circuity of travel.” In non-legal terms, this is the question of whether or not the government has to compensate a business if their customers have to travel an extra distance to get to their store or office.

In many cases, the answer to this question is no, the government does not have to pay. However every case is different, and the answer often depends on several factors.

If you are faced with any type of Land Condemnation from this new construction project, it is always best to talk with an experienced land condemnation and eminent domain lawyer immediately. They can help determine the financial impact on your property and discuss your rights.

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