NCDOT Announces Furloughs For All Employees

May 19th, 2020

The NC Department of Transportation has announced the furloughing of all NCDOT employees across the state.  This action is in response to the $300 million revenue loss that the DOT has experienced largely as a result of reduced highway fuel taxes.  In an email sent to all employees, DOT Secretary Eric Boyette announced that the move would start effective immediately.  Phase 1 of the furloughs began on May 1, and requires executive leadership to reduce work schedules by 30 hours before June 26.  Phase 2 begins May 23, and affects senior leadership, with 25 hour reductions.  Lastly, Phase 3, applies to all other employees and requires a reduction of 20 hours before June 26. 

THE NC DOT has suspended projects across the state as it continues to navigate through this financial crisis.