NCDOT Projects to Exceed $400 Million in Pender County

Between 2020 and 2029, construction projects currently under consideration by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) are expected to total $418.5 million in Pender County alone. A detailed article examining these projects—and their potential impact—is available here.

What’s to Come

Road construction projects budgeted by NCDOT—including the Hampstead Bypass, roundabouts in Surf City, and roadway widening in Burgaw—are expected to cost more than $400 million over the next decade.

A draft of NCDOT’s 10-year plan, known as the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), identifies the funding and scheduling of transportation projects across North Carolina. Planners say a draft of the plan will be available for public comment through spring. They expect the state transportation board to adopt the plan early this summer.

About the Plan

In addition to roadway construction, plans also include a second phase of the expansion of the Henderson Field Airport Apron. According to NCDOT, planned projects are expected to include:

  • Hampstead Rd/N.C. 417 Bypass
  • Hampstead Rd Median Project
  • Walker/Wilmington Improvements
  • S. 17/N.C. 210 Intersection
  • C. 210/Watts Landing Roundabout
  • C. 210/N.C. 50/Belt Rd Roundabout

An Issue of Property Rights

Planners say the county and NCDOT will work with affected towns, the Cape Fear Rural Planning Organization, and the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization to prioritize these projects. Some of the planned construction will require the condemnation and seizure of privately held land under eminent domain.

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