NCDOT Sets Aside $200 Million for I-440 Interchange Redesign at Glenwood Avenue

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is planning to make improvements to the I-440/Glenwood Avenue interchange and the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Blue Ridge/Lead Mine roads. These improvements are intended to ease congestion and address safety concerns in this area. You may learn more about the proposed project by visiting the NCDOT site.

In September 2018, the Department held a series of listening sessions allowing the public the voice their concerns and suggestions about the proposed project. Since then, they developed seven concepts for redesign which were recently presented to drivers and landowners.

While the start date of the project has not yet been identified by the NCDOT they expect the design-build contract to be awarded in 2025.

Landowners Face Potential Impact

While a concept for redesign has not yet been decided on, residents in Wake County could face land condemnation. Currently, NCDOT is accepting feedback on the concepts and welcomes input from property owners in the area concerned about how their land may be affected. People can leave feedback by contacting Project Managers on the NCDOT website.

To learn more about your rights as a landowner, click here.

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