New Transportation Bill Still Limits Fair Payment to Property Owners Affected by Land Condemnation

Governor Pat McCrory has signed into law a new transportation bill that still unfairly limits payments to property owners affected by land condemnation. The way this new bill is constructed will prevent landowners from receiving the full and fair compensation they deserve from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT).

This is counter to the recent June 10, 2016 NC Supreme Court ruling that ordered NC DOT to fairly compensate property owners for the loss of their land under the NC Map Act. This new transportation bill will allow the NC DOT to pay out the smallest possible amount to landowners.

This bill will allow the NC DOT to compensate property owners for the value of their land using interest rates that could be up to two decades old. By doing this, the NC DOT will withhold substantial amounts of money from property owners.

To read more about this new transportation bill, click here.

This new transportation bill has received heavy criticism because it unfairly punishes property owners for having the free use of their property restricted for decades under the NC Map Act.

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