Powerful Corporations Sue Many Eastern North Carolina Homeowners for Right of Way Acquisition for Construction of Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The proposed 600 mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline would cross West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina carrying natural gas obtained by fracking. Fracking is a method of natural gas extraction which many believe has resulted in severe health problems stemming from water and air pollution secondary to the practice, as well as causing manmade earthquakes.

In North Carolina, the proposed pipeline follows the path of Interstate 95 through rural eastern counties. The private consortium of power companies (Duke Energy, Dominion, Piedmont Natural Gas and Southern Company Gas) which is planning the project, brought suit against a number of eastern North Carolina residents, seeking to condemn their land for pipeline easements, both permanent and temporary.

The project faces stiff opposition from environmental groups and local property owners.  Questions include the impact of pipeline leaks on clean water and air, the necessity of the pipeline, the option of alternative fuels such as solar and wind, and inadequate compensation for property owners damaged by the construction across their property.

Various permits have been delayed, but the project developers still contend they will remain on schedule, commencing construction in 2018.

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