Session Continues Today Regarding Senate Bill 16 Vetoed By Governor Cooper

For those of you who are unaware, SB16 would to allow corporations, political bodies or persons to have the power of eminent domain for the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The construction of the pipelines would put water quality at risk, posing a huge and dangerous threat to the community.

Fortunately, earlier this week, Governor Cooper vetoed a variety of policy bills including Senate Bill 16 (SB16). This is a huge victory for maintaining clean water, and protecting landowner’s rights in the state of North Carolina.

However, today legislators will return to session with the House and Senate Republican holding veto-proof majorities. This means that there is still a potential risk that this pipeline could be constructed, which would negatively impact many North Carolina residents.

If your private property is condemned or seized for public or commercial use, you have the right to receive just compensation for the value of your property. The amount of compensation you’re owed is determined by a variety of factors, and as North Carolina eminent domain attorneys, it’s our job to help you recover the maximum value for your property.

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