The NC Department of Transportation Continues to String Residents Affected by the Hampstead Bypass Along

The NC Department of Transportation continues to string along residents who are affected by the Hampstead Bypass in Pender County.  To date, Henson Fuerst has filed suit on behalf of more than two dozen land owners in Pender County who have claims stemming from abuses of the Map Act by the NC DOT.

Additional lawsuits are anticipated to be filed by the firm over the next several weeks for land owners who have recently joined the fight to protect their legal rights.

The State has currently allocated more than $152 million dollars for the Hampstead Bypass project.  In addition to seeking compensation for the value of the land taken and the resulting damages, property owners are also seeking payments for attorney’s fees, interest, and over-paid property taxes.

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At Henson Fuerst we encourage all property owners affected by the Hampstead Bypass to learn more about their legal rights and how filing Map Act law suits may substantially impact their property claims.

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