Tree Removal Efforts Connected to Riverfront Development Project Impact Local Residents

The North Carolina Land Condemnation and Eminent Domain attorneys at Henson Fuerst have been closely monitoring the progress of the River Arts District Transportation Improvement Project (RADTIP) and its effect on local residents. Recently, construction activity on the River Arts Development project has kicked into high gear, and many local residents are feeling the impact.

In August, crews from the City of Asheville began tree clearing efforts around areas of Riverside Drive that will be impacted by RADTIP construction. Tree clearing efforts are expected to continue through the fall. According to the City of Asheville’s RADTIP Project Updates page, the tree clearing is being done in preparation for relocation of underground gas lines and other utilities before construction starts in earnest next spring.

A recent article in Mountain Xpress found that local residents are shocked at the number, and the size, of the trees that are being removed in conjunction with this project. In addition, environmental activists are concerned that removing trees that are hundreds of years old from the river bank could lead to significant problems with erosion in the future.

Officials from the City of Asheville say that they are taking every precaution to ensure this tree removal project is conducted safely and responsibly, but nonetheless, it is clear that many local residents are concerned.

To read more about the local impact of early RADTIP construction, click here.

Many local business, home and property owners in the River Arts District are facing Land Condemnation connected to RADTIP.

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