What Info to Bring to Your Attorney

What kinds of information will a lawyer want to see when I meet with them? When you meet with a lawyer regarding your eminent domain or land taking case what kinds of information will a lawyer want to see? The short answer is any and all documents that relate to the ownership, the maintenance, the history, and the value of the property in question. And this is so whether it is your home, your farm, a business, or a church. Our lawyers will want to review as much information as possible about your land. Having more information allows us to give you a better preliminary opinion on your land condemnation claim and also allows us to get to work more quickly for you.

Specifically, we would like to see property ownership documents. These may include deeds of trust, offers to purchase or sell contracts, mortgage agreements, deeds, wills leaving the property to you, or current property tax bills. Property valuation documents, some examples include photos of your property and any structure on it before and after any repairs that you have made. Any bills for repairs or renovations that you have made or building contracts for any structures that you’ve added to the property. Condemnation documents, this includes any correspondence that you have received from the North Carolina Department of Transportation or any agency that is trying to take your land, from right-of-way agents or from contractors who have communicated with you. And all court papers that you have received regarding a condemnation process.

During our consultation with you, we will review all of these materials so that we can explain your rights and obligations under the law. We will also outline what options are available to you with regard to maximizing the value of your land, how long will likely be able to remain on your land, and what you should and should not do during the condemnation process. If you would like to meet a Henson Fuerst attorney regarding your eminent domain or land condemnation case, give us a call today at 800-452-9633 or visit our website at www.nclandlawayer.com.