Greenville Highway Receives Official “Future Interstate” Designation from U.S. Department of Transportation

Earlier this month, lawmakers in eastern North Carolina announced that they would be lobbying the U.S. government to secure an official interstate highway designation for U.S. Highway 264. On Tuesday, November 22nd, their request for a “Future Interstate” designation for U.S. 264 was approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

State officials feel strongly that U.S. 264, which runs east of Raleigh from Greenville to Zebulon, will need to be expanded in order to accommodate higher traffic levels in the near future. Currently, Greenville is the largest city in North Carolina that is not served by an interstate highway. Officials believe that expanding the road from a highway to an interstate is essential for the continued economic development of the region.

The Federal Highway Administration ruled last week that U.S. 264 will be the future site of I-587. To read more about this decision, click here.

When the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) begins to move forward with development efforts on U.S. 264, it could have a major impact on property owners in the surrounding areas.

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