Hampstead Bypass Funded, Construction to Begin

The Commissioner of Pender County recently announced the Hampstead Bypass project has now received full funding—and has approval to begin construction in 2020. A detailed article on the approval appears here. The project affects landowners in Pender and New Hanover counties.

The Announcement

The office of the Pender County Commissioner announced $113 million has been approved through the State Transportation Improvement Program for construction of the Hampstead Bypass. With project design nearly final and land acquisition underway, construction is scheduled to begin in 2020—for completion by 2025.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) intends to build the 13-mile-long, four-lane divided highway in two sections. One will extend from I-40 to NC-210. Another will run from NC-210 to US-17. A video released by NCDOT detailing the path of the project appears below.


The Intent

According to Pender County commissioners, the Hampstead Bypass and related safety improvements along US-17 will relieve traffic pressure and prevent accidents along the US-17 corridor in Pender County. The County worked with the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) and NCDOT to prioritize this project and its funding.

Our Position

Henson Fuerst currently represents landowners affected by this project in Pender and New Hanover Counties under our Map Act litigation. We have filed lawsuits against the NCDOT for this inverse condemnation—alleging the protected corridors are unconstitutional, improperly deprive landowners free use of their land, and cause significant financial loss. The North Carolina Map Act has restricted property owners from using their property as they wish, affecting their ability to:

  • Obtain Building Permits
  • Improve or Alter Land
  • Develop or Subdivide Property
  • Sell Land for Fair Value 

We’re on Your Side

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