Hampstead US 17 Improvements and Dan Owen Connector

Project U-5732
Type: Roadway Improvements
Affected County: Pender

Project Overview

The North Carolina Department of Transportation US 17 Highway Improvements Project runs through Hampstead from Washington Acres Road to Sloop Point Road.  The project is a super street design project which will add medians and u-turns along the entire length of the project.  Many affected property owners will be losing land from the front of their parcels as right of way, in addition to frequent permanent utility easements and drainage easements.  The DOT is also building a new alignment connection – known as the Dan Owen Connector – between Dan Owen Road and Factory Road.  This project is intended to help ease traffic congestion along US 17 in Hampstead and has been designed to be completed along a similar time frame as the Hampstead Bypass project.

Right of way acquisition is scheduled to begin in September 2029.

Project Maps

Washington Acres Road to Middle Village Lane

US 17 Hampstead Bypass

Middle Village Lane to Vista Lane

US 17 Hampstead Bypass

Vista Lane to Sloop Point Road

US 17 Hampstead Bypass

Dan Owen Road

US 17 Hampstead Bypass

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