Worker at construction site

North Carolina Sees Construction Project Delays Statewide

Now that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is in effect, many North Carolinians anticipated that construction projects would resume across the state. However, that may no longer be the case as project contractors face staffing shortages and supply chain issues. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) reports that there will be significant delays before a number of projects are complete. 

NC Construction Projects Impacted by DOT Shortages

For instance, the I-440 improvements along the Raleigh beltline were initially scheduled to take four years and be completed in June 2023. Now, the project is not expected to be complete until October 2024.

Meanwhile, three big highway projects are going on in the Triangle: widening I-40 and I-440 and constructing an 18-mile stretch of the Triangle expressway across southern Wake County. The construction of these three projects at once may exhaust NCDOT’s workforce and its utility partners facing shortages of their own. Still, according to NCDOT, part of the I-40 widening project should be completed next year. However, the section down to the NC-42 interchange will take around another year to finish. 

These delays are due to a few factors, most of them being labor and supply shortages. North Carolina contractors are having trouble finding enough workers to execute the various projects and getting materials on time due to global supply issues.

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