Pre-Acquisition Meetings With the Department of Transportation and Contractors

The early engagement of an attorney in the eminent domain process is often one of the most important decisions a commercial or high-value property owner can make. Due to the way the design-build process in North Carolina works, problems posed by a project for a specific business or owner are frequently unknown to the Department of Transportation (DOT). An early meeting to highlight these issues can have major implications on the likelihood of getting unfavorable conditions changed.


Pre-Acquisition Meetings with Henson Fuerst

The attorneys at Henson Fuerst regularly request pre-acquisition meetings with DOT, engineers, and division right of way agents and their contractors. Such arrangements may include requests that the DOT consider:

  • Control of access restrictions
  • Modifications to roadway plans or alternative configurations
  • Reconfiguring driveway access issues to modify or change driveway widths, percentage grades, clearance requirements, turn radius, or positioning
  • Reconfiguration of u-turn (bulb-out) access points
  • Noise or light barriers
  • Temporary construction easement impacts
  • Do not disturb markings for billboards and signs or other improvements

In our experience, early meetings are critical to increasing the likelihood of success in negotiating plan sheet changes. Once plans are finalized, and DOT acquires the land, it is significantly harder to negotiate changes in roadway plans.


Experienced Eminent Domain Attorneys in North Carolina

If you’ve been notified that an upcoming project will impact your land, it is essential to speak with an eminent domain attorney right away. There’s a lot at stake in cases involving high-value commercial properties.

The land condemnation lawyers at Henson Fuerst have been representing property owners for over 45 years and are ready to help you too. Fill out and submit a contact form on our website or call our office toll-free at 919-781-1107 for a legal consultation today.