What Is a Right of Way Agent?

When your home, land, or business is being taken over in a land condemnation project, a right of way (ROW) agent handles the day-to-day affairs of property seizures. ROW agents work for the government entity or corporation condemning your property—not you. It’s their job to get you to accept the least possible amount for your land based on appraisals done by their appraisers.

ROW agents keep written logs of all of their conversations with you in negotiation diaries—a set of records that tracks all communications related to your claim, such as:

  • Dates and times of visits to your property
  • Phone and in-person communications
  • Offers made on your property
  • Counter-offers made by you
  • Observations about your attitude
  • Any other details that can be put on paper

In the event your claim goes to court, the contents of your negotiation diary can be used against you—whether or not they are true. If you’re facing land condemnation in North Carolina, the best way to protect your rights is to avoid all communication with a ROW agent, other than telling them to contact your lawyer.

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