Right of Way Agents

In most cases, right of way agents are third-party consultants who represent the condemning authority in a land condemnation case before litigation. At the outset of a case, they will seek to gather as much information as possible from a property owner.

Should I Speak to Right of Way Agents?

We do not recommend that our clients communicate directly with right of way agents and instead strongly encourage them to allow us to handle all communications with them. The job of the right of way agent is to handle the case against the property owner, coordinate getting their appraisal done by their experts, and then negotiate the value of your land. They are not on your side and are not there to pay you what is fair or reasonable. Instead, they are working against you to take the property interests for the lowest possible price.

The less they pay, the better they look to their employer. Most importantly, it is important to know that right of way agents keep written logs of all the conversations they have with property owners in what is called a negotiation diary.

If your case ends up in court, you can count on any statements made to the right of way agent coming up and being used against you as evidence in the case, even if what you said is being taken out of context or was incorrectly written down. That’s why our advice is to say nothing. Instead, let us do the talking for you.

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If a right of way agent has contacted you, it’s in your best interest to speak with an eminent domain lawyer right away. Our team of eminent domain attorneys has successfully represented hundreds of businesses and commercial property owners throughout NC, evidenced by our proven track record of results. Contact us today by submitting a consultation form on our website or calling our office at 919-781-1107 today.