R-5703 C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension to Affect More Than 50 Properties in Lenoir County

The R-5703 project has put many property owners in a difficult position. You may be facing big financial losses so it is important that you speak with an experienced North Carolina Land Condemnation attorney. At Henson Fuerst, we are uniquely qualified to help with your eminent domain situation, and are here to help you immediately.

As a property owner, you are entitled to just and fair compensation if your property is “taken” by a city, state or governmental agency. With right of acquisition underway for R-5703 C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension, Lenoir County property owners should be aware of their rights as property owners. This project will affect more than 50 Lenoir County properties.

The project is intended to improve connectivity in northern Kinston between U.S. 70, N.C. 58 and N.C. 11 by extending C.F. Harvey Parkway (N.C. 148) from N.C. 58 to N.C. 11 north of Kinston.

To view the map of the project, click here.

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It is important to understand your rights as a property owner. The law requires that the government or condemning agency pay you “just compensation”, but we find in the majority of cases, the offers made by the government fail to be fair to property owners.  We regularly see government appraisals that severely undervalue properties anywhere from 50-100+% or more!

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