What If I have a Mortgage?

What if I have a mortgage on the property? Who gets the money? When the state of North Carolina takes part of all of your land in an eminent domain or land condemnation case, they must do three things. First, file a condemnation complaint with the clerk’s office. Second, file a memorandum of action with…

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If My Business is Negatively Impacted by the Government’s Eminent Domain Acquisitions Can I be Compensated?

Yes, and no. Eminent domain typically only deals with the taking of real property- which includes land, buildings, permanent structures and improvements, and the access thereto.  The law typically does not compensate businesses directly for lost profits, revenues or interruptions of operations.  There are exceptions to this, however, so an experienced eminent domain land condemnation…

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Is Outsourcing By NCDOT Costing Local Taxpayers Big Money?

A recent report released by WBTV discusses how a powerful state lawmaker pushed to increase the outsourcing of services within the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). In 2016 alone North Carolina taxpayers were collectively billed for more than $111 million by engineering firms for services.With taxpayers having to pay for these services some lawmakers…

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Hampstead Bypass Project To Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition In May 2018

You are cordially invited to attend an important seminar that will cover how the Kirby case victory can/will impact property owners in New Hanover and Pender counties.

The Hampstead Bypass Project may begin sooner than expected. N.C Department of Transportation (NCDOT) spokesperson Brian Rick recently announced that construction on improvement efforts around the Hampstead Bypass could begin as soon as 2020. This development is a result of the Hampstead Bypass being integrated with another transportation improvement project in the same area. New…

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Highway 70 a Priority for NC DOT

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According to a Facebook post by Atlantic Beach, the U.S. 70 corridor has been designated as a high-priority future interstate on the National Highway System. The future interstate projects include the Gallants Channel Bridge, the Kinston Bypass, the Havelock Bypass, and James City. Read more here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153621377897794&id=335837552793

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