What Info to Bring to Your Attorney

What kinds of information will a lawyer want to see when I meet with them? When you meet with a lawyer regarding your eminent domain or land taking case what kinds of information will a lawyer want to see? The short answer is any and all documents that relate to the ownership, the maintenance, the…

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What Will A Lawyer Do for Me?

What will a lawyer do for me in my land condemnation case? If your land is being taken by the government, what can a lawyer really do for you? A lawyer is your only real advocate and protection during the case. While in most instances we can’t stop the taking from occurring, we can fight…

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The Southwest Bypass Project Continues to Disrupt NC Residents

According to data released earlier in the week NCDOT has purchased 107 parcels outright and continues to negotiate for more. The current bypass project has produced more condemnations than most projects, due to multiple issues, including that the project has no specific path. The department is planning on purchasing a total of 181 parcels along…

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What does a Right of Way Agent do?

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“What does a right of way agent do?” If the government wants to take your land for a public project, eventually, you will talk to the right of way agents. That person will make a conversation and ask you a few questions. What should you say to them? The short answer is nothing. Say absolutely…

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NC Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling in Favor of Land Owners

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The Transportation Corridor Official Map Act has caused frustration and hardship for many North Carolina landowners for more than two decades. Since 1989, the Map Act has given the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) the right to impose indefinite restrictions on the use of property that falls within the boundaries of future highway bypass…

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Pender County Commissioners Hire Lobbyist

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More Hampstead Bypass updates in the news:  Pender County Commissioners have now hired a lobbyist to push for the bypass with state lawmakers in an attempt to get the stalled project moving forward.  This will not come soon enough for landowners who are affected by the proposed bypass under the North Carolina Map Act (Transportation…

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