If My Business is Negatively Impacted by the Government’s Eminent Domain Acquisitions Can I be Compensated?

Yes, and no. Eminent domain typically only deals with the taking of real property- which includes land, buildings, permanent structures and improvements, and the access thereto.  The law typically does not compensate businesses directly for lost profits, revenues or interruptions of operations.  There are exceptions to this, however, so an experienced eminent domain land condemnation…

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How Are Lawyers Paid?

When you hire a lawyer to represent you in an eminent domain land condemnation case, in most cases, it will be on a contingency fee basis, which means that your lawyer will get paid a percentage of what you receive once your case is settled. If you don’t recover anything, then the lawyer doesn’t get…

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Why Can a State, Federal or Private Entity Take My Property?

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Your property can be taken through Eminent Domain, or Land Condemnation, through a number of state and federal rules and regulations. From a numbers perspective, most land is taken by the State of North Carolina‘s Department of Transportation. In addition to the DOT, however, your land can also be taken by the federal government, the…

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New North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling on Map Act Benefits Property Owners

Henson Fuerst North Carolina Land Condemnation attorneys represent property owners throughout the state who have been restricted from freely using their property due to the Map Act. Since 1989, the Map Act has given North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT) the right to impose restrictions on the use of other people’s property that falls…

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NC Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling in Favor of Land Owners

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The Transportation Corridor Official Map Act has caused frustration and hardship for many North Carolina landowners for more than two decades. Since 1989, the Map Act has given the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) the right to impose indefinite restrictions on the use of property that falls within the boundaries of future highway bypass…

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Pender County Commissioners Hire Lobbyist

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More Hampstead Bypass updates in the news:  Pender County Commissioners have now hired a lobbyist to push for the bypass with state lawmakers in an attempt to get the stalled project moving forward.  This will not come soon enough for landowners who are affected by the proposed bypass under the North Carolina Map Act (Transportation…

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Hampstead Bypass Low Priority, But Landowners Still Wait

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Landowners affected by the Hampstead Bypass continue to be stuck in no-mans-land, and it does not appear that the situation is likely to change in the near future. Will the project be funded or won’t it?  Sometimes the answer appears to be yes, sometimes maybe, and sometimes no. And in all this indecision, landowners are…

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