Gilead Road Improvements Project

Mecklenburg County

NCDOT and the town of Huntsville have begun the execution of interchange and intersection improvements on Gilead Road (S.R. 2136). The proposed improvements will be completed under two separate projects, STIP No. I-5714 (administered by NCDOT) and STIP No. U-5114 (administered by the town of Huntersville).

These road improvement projects aim to relieve constant congestion and delay as well as increase intersection capacity while passing through the I-77 interchange and U.S 21 (Statesville Road) intersection. Although these projects are in different phases of development, they are closely related and rely on each other for overall success.

Construction is predicted to begin in 2018 on both projects, with Right of Way Acquisition beginning in 2017 for I-5714 and already in place for U-5114.

 Click here for a project overview and more information  Click here to view a detailed map of this project

Protecting the Rights of Mecklenburg County Residents

If all or part of your property is being used to complete the Gilead Road Improvement project by NCDOT or the town of Huntsville, call Henson Fuerst to understand your legal rights under eminent domain laws in North Carolina.

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