R-5703 C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension- Lenoir County

Lenoir County

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has begun right of way acquisition in the development of the C.F. Harvey Parkway extension project, also referred to as R-5703.

R-5703 will be a be a four-lane, median divided freeway with full-control access – meaning vehicles would only be able to get on the freeway at interchanges at N.C. 58 and N.C. 11.

Construction of R-5703 is estimated to cost a total of $96.14 million and will extend about 6.5 miles long.

Click here to view a detailed map of this project

Protecting the Rights of Lenoir County Residents

If your land, home or business will be affected by the C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension project, call Henson Fuerst for help.

Our North Carolina eminent domain lawyers will work closely with you to protect your rights to get the maximum compensation for your land.

As plans for the C.F. Harvey Parkway Extension project move forward, it is important to learn the ways your home or property may be affected. Contact Henson Fuerst today and find out how we can help—just dial (919) 781-1107 or complete our free initial consultation form online.